Wedding photography Hamilton: Photography to remember

Wedding Photography Hamilton - attractive location for your wedding sessions. Just like in the case of real estate, location is very important for wedding photography. It would be perfect to select that both you and your partner like, a place where you can feel comfortable and where you can shine. In the recent period, I am getting more and more messages of couples interested in different wedding photography Hamilton options. In my personal experience, Hamilton is an excellent location for pre-wedding and wedding photography. Situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, this port city has many waterfalls and conservation areas that you can’t find elsewhere. Some of the most famous locations for this type of photos are McMaster University, Dundurn Castle, RBG and some of the many waterfalls in and around Hamilton. If you are looking for more specific suggestions, places that I have visited myself and taken photos there, I can suggest Gage Park. This park has a perfect size and it is possible to choose the period of the days when there are no crowds (in case you don’t feel comfortable taking photos while curious strangers are watching). Gage Park also has a unique, stylish water fountain where we can take a few photos. What’s even better is that if you choose this interesting park you also have an alternative in case it’s raining. Namely, you can visit the indoor greenhouse where you can find some attractive flowers and greenery and a breathtaking landscape. Another location in Hamilton that you can use is Stoney Creek or Pedicome farms to be more precise. This area provides a country feel and has nice orchards. Many couples want to include trains in the background too. Hamilton is home to the famous Royal Botanical Gardens. It is possible to go there and take some wedding photos there, but we will have to get a permit to take photos without any problems. Depending on the period of the year, I also recommend Albion Falls. I have some of the best photos taken there because these falls are truly spectacular. The only downside about these falls as a wedding photography location is the fact that there are periods when there are many hikers there. With a good plan, we should be able to avoid any hassles. In case you are a couple that likes vintage things, then you should know that there are a few locations for wedding photos that are worth checking. As a professional photographer, I prefer the Cotton Factory. Don’t forget that this is also a wedding venue which means that we will have to ask them to go there and take the photos. If you like the atmosphere you may choose this place as a wedding venue too. I would be honored if you select me to take care of your Hamilton wedding photography needs. I am familiar with this area and I can take both pre-wedding photos and wedding photos in one of Hamilton’s wedding venues. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need wedding photography at any time.

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We are Thyme Photography and we love to photograph people in love.

Thyme Wedding Photography has been founded by a happily married couple, who started their career in fine arts and photography and decided to dedicate their lives to what they love most. Their passion towards beautiful images, life-long memories, and people’s happiness is the key. We are GTA wedding photographers with the office in Hamilton. We cover all GTA, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton and Toronto area and much more. Let us know where you want us to travel, and we will come to your wedding with pleasure and no extra charge for travel. We are inspired by new places and love shooting weddings – small and the big ones too.

We do understand the importance of your wedding day, and we would love to be your wedding photographers. Hire a photographer whose work and storytelling you adore but most importantly than that, hire a photographer you like. You should aim to work with a photographer who you’ll see as a friend on your wedding day, not just another vendor. If you can do that, good things will happen. You will have fun, be relaxed, and you won’t be second guessing your photographer’s decisions, you’ll trust them and encourage them to take risks, and you’ll be more inclined to reveal the real you. We promise to do everything in our power to tell your story in a beautiful, meaningful and authentic way. We promise we will arrive early and stay late. You’ll never be in doubt you made the right decision to hire us.

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