Wedding photography Hamilton - winter magical wedding session

We shot this wedding session with Julia and David on a cold January afternoon in Hamilton. We arrived at Dundas Christie Lake Dam just in time for a huge winter storm. My couple was super brave, and we decided to embrace the cold weather and winter storm and still do outdoor wedding pictures. We worked really fast, and they were terrific models and understood my directions without words. I loved the connection between them and how they show love and cared about each other. As wedding photographers from Hamilton, we know secret places around Hamilton area and we are happy to take you there for your wedding or engagement session. Him and Her Hamilton wedding photography specialize in candid, creative wedding photography and videography that captures the unique elements, raw emotion, and small details of the day. While we love beautifully posed shots, our focus is on telling an authentic story. If you want a wedding photographer that won’t disappoint, and one that shoots like a million bucks but only costs a fraction, Him and Her offers affordable wedding packages.

Contact us for more information on availability. We’d love to show you our work and meet you at our studio in Hamilton. We can also sit down and talk about details at a coffee shop in Toronto or someplace convenient.


Thyme Wedding Photography

We are Thyme Photography and we love to photograph people in love.

Thyme Wedding Photography has been founded by a happily married couple, who started their career in fine arts and photography and decided to dedicate their lives to what they love most. Their passion towards beautiful images, life-long memories, and people’s happiness is the key. We are GTA wedding photographers with the office in Hamilton. We cover all GTA, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton and Toronto area and much more. Let us know where you want us to travel, and we will come to your wedding with pleasure and no extra charge for travel. We are inspired by new places and love shooting weddings – small and the big ones too.

We do understand the importance of your wedding day, and we would love to be your wedding photographers. Hire a photographer whose work and storytelling you adore but most importantly than that, hire a photographer you like. You should aim to work with a photographer who you’ll see as a friend on your wedding day, not just another vendor. If you can do that, good things will happen. You will have fun, be relaxed, and you won’t be second guessing your photographer’s decisions, you’ll trust them and encourage them to take risks, and you’ll be more inclined to reveal the real you. We promise to do everything in our power to tell your story in a beautiful, meaningful and authentic way. We promise we will arrive early and stay late. You’ll never be in doubt you made the right decision to hire us.

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